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Advice for Salvation

Advice for Salvation

By Beth Cook

  1. When you get lost go towards the water, lie along the coast and let it weep on your shoulder. 

  1. Remember being smaller than you are now; your skin has stretched but you remain a figment of your piggy tailed self.

  1. Own a glass big enough to quench your thirst but small enough to hang from a few fingers dangling at your side.

  1. Bread is forever. Eat it, hold it, make it from scratch, gift it to new neighbours. Break it apart when you crave destruction, stick it back together with jam when you’re sorry.

  1. Whilst everyone builds bunkers for the apocalypse, opt for a duvet den with a kitchen chair framework and old soft toys to furnish. You won’t need canned goods, just a box of matches and a pint of milk.

  1. Always have a recurrent daydream.

  1. Keep a few friends, the older the better, the quieter the safer.

  1. Indulgence masquerades as luxury, luxuries true form is peace.

  1. Swim when your heart becomes a burden, put your face in the water and scream a hoard of bubbles.


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