Written by Sofia Coppola Long Sleeve

Written by Sofia Coppola Long Sleeve

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Written By Sofia. 
  • Cotton fabric
  • Digitally printed in Southern California
  • Flattering, snug on chest and falls at waist

From September 2023 on, we'll be donating 25% of the profits from our Sofia Coppola baby tee to the nonprofit organization @futureoffilmisfemale 💗⁠

The idea for this shirt was born out of my college bedroom, after years of returning & returning to her work for a sort of tugging need for understanding. at that time, our social media account had no more than a couple of thousand followers - i had no idea how far it'd reach at that point. to be where we are now, located in New York just in the neighborhood of the Book Marc event and seeing the tee posted on both her & Marc Jacob's page felt surreal, to say the least!!⁠

There are countless women out there with remarkable lenses on the world & beautiful stories to share - stories that have the potential to inspire and ripple through the world, much like Ms. Coppola's work. our design isn't original (that being, we didn't create the font, and this is not her direct merchandise line), we felt compelled to give back. that's why we're deciding to direct a substantial portion of the profits toward an organization that could help ignite the same kind of creative spark.⁠

The @futureoffilmisfemale uses funding, exhibitions, and community-building to support emerging female filmmakers. they are dedicated to nurturing talent and providing a platform for women with unique stories to tell 💗🎥⁠

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